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Please read 'How to get the most out of Unlock' below for a step-by-step guide of the Unlock process

At the heart of all this work is equity: under-representation does not supersede quality, ability, qualification or merit.


  1. Click the button 'Hire' 'Work' or 'Leadership'

  2. Start with the option 'Company'. You will need to register your organisation details here first.

  3. Fill in this form and press 'save and continue'.

  4. You will then see a set of statements. Choose AT LEAST one option from each group of statements. You can choose AS MANY as you wish.

  5. Tick the box for the option you have chosen and select the time frame from the drop down menu.

  6. Once you have finished, press 'save and continue' at the bottom of the page. 

  7. Use the FAQs for more information or help that you may need. You can click or hover over the ? button for help. 

  8. Once you have completed the form, press 'submit and finish'. There is a 'back' button to use if you want to go back and change your options before submitting.

  9. Once you have pressed 'submit' you will see a link that takes you back to the 'Take Action' page. You can then choose another button from the 'Hire' 'Work' or 'Leadership' menu to work through.

Many of the statements relate to the Equality Act 2010. Taking positive action in staffing IS permitted where a protected characteristic is under-represented in a workplace. It IS also legal to offer development opportunities targeted at those who are under-represented in the workforce.

How to get

How to get the most out of unlock

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Navigate to  the"Take Action" page and follow the links to register your organisation and create account.

Decide in advance who will ‘own’ this process on behalf of your organisation. 

This person will be responsible for monitoring your organisation’s actions, and will liaise with Inc Arts unlock where required. Once you have registered, you can pause and come back to each session at your own pace.

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Set aside time with your team to work through each section

Change requires buy-in: please ensure that you discuss with your team BEFORE you make your selections. We recommend that you do this in team meetings, and give at least ONE HOUR to each section for your team to discuss together and decide on the options you choose to commit to.​

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Unlock has 3 parts and looks at different business areas that are relevant to your organisation: Hiring, Work and Care, and Leadership

Each section has up to 4 groups of statements - actions that you can take to make inclusive change.


You will need to commit to AT LEAST ONE option from each set of actions. You can commit to as many as is practical for your organisation.


You must select a timeframe of how long you will take to introduce this change into your workplace. 


If you are doing something that isn't listed here, please add it in the 'Add your suggestions here' section. 

If you are already doing some of them then choose the MINIMUM time frame to introduce this in your workplace.

Depending on your resources and capacity, you may choose immediate or longer term timeframe for carrying out this work.

Some options that you see may be ambitious for you at this stage – do NOT select them until you can commit to them.


Once you press ‘SUBMIT’ at the end of each section you will receive an email that sets out your commitments – and compares them to the commitments made by others in the sector.


We have answers to a wide range of questions that may come up as you complete Unlock. There are also links to resources to help you understand employment law and equalities legislation. If we haven't answered your particular concern here you can send us a question and we will add the most frequently asked questions to the list. 

You can read our FAQs here.


Your individual answers will be kept confidential to you and Inc Arts and will not be shared publicly.


With your consent we will keep connected with you to help everyone maintain momentum for inclusive change. We will only use your details to get in touch with you about this work and will not use it for anything else, nor share it with any third party.​​

And remember - whilst the process will remain entirely confidential to you, Inc Arts will check in with you at intervals that correspond with the timescale you’ve chosen.

Inc Arts Unlock is an entirely confidential process. Click here for details on how we manage your data.

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