About Inc Arts Unlock


Unlock was created by Inc Arts UK. Inc Arts is a national collective that champions the creative, economic and contractual rights of the UK’s ethnically diverse workforce.


We work collaboratively across the arts and cultural sector to create peer-led solutions to redress under-representation and lack of diversity in our creative teams and workplaces.


We do this through research and advocacy, creating bespoke Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) solutions to arts organisations, and providing a network of advice, support and fellowship to the diverse arts workforce, across all art forms and seniority, and throughout the UK.

why unlock?

Unlock was created as a result of Inc Art’s Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal anti-racism conference in 2020.  Unlock gathers the recommendations, demands and suggestions of those most affected by racism in the arts sector, and creates a series of actions that arts and cultural organisations can take to make their places of creative practice more inclusive. 


Unlock has been developed from the advocacy of organisations including but not limited to: 
Eclipse Theatre, Migrants in Culture, Migrants in Theatre, Freelancers Make Theatre Work, All-Black Coalition, More than a Moment, Coventry Belgrade Theatre, Black Cultural Leaders, Anti-Racism Touring Rider, Museum Detox, and the many individuals who have made advocacy their life's work.


You can see these recommendations and more on Inc Arts' website here.


Thank you to all those working tirelessly to make anti-racist action.

what is unlock?

Inc Arts has developed the testimony, recommendations and demands into an accountability framework, Unlock, comprising over 100 actions that arts and culture organisations can commit to in order to strengthen their anti-racist practice. 


Inc Arts Unlock is designed to help you to bring about change. It is designed to help you make a commitment that is transparent and measurable, by including timescales alongside each action. 


You can choose which actions to take. You may already be doing some of them.


​​We will stay in touch with you to help you stay on track with your ambitions for anti-racist action.

​Our approach is founded on CONFIDENTIALITY, DIGNITY and TRUST. 

We will never share your commitments with anyone other than you - and NEVER in any digital or physical public space. Click here for details on how we manage your data.

Go to 'Take Action' to begin, and for a step-by-step guide to the Unlock process

Inc Arts Unlock is an entirely confidential process. Click here for details on how we manage your data.

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