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Why Inc Arts unlock?

Unlock offers a practical step-by-step process to think about what anti-racist action you can take in your workplace. It invites you to read through suggestions, and choose what you can do, and when you will do it.  

Inc Arts Unlock is the result of the anti-racism conference Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal that took place in autumn of 2020.

It is based on suggestions for change made by those with lived experience of racism in the arts.

The Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal conference can help you to understand WHY we need to take action against racism in our workplaces.

Colorful Friends


Unlock is a starting point for you to make inclusive change. Through committing to Unlock, you will help the sector take a united and coherent approach to change that we can all see and measure. Simply press the 'start now' button to sign up, and you will be invited to read through and select which actions you will take in your place of work.

Inc Arts Unlock

Unlock is a toolkit for the creative and cultural sector to

take measurable action against racism.

The anti-racism toolkit

Unlock gives arts organisations practical steps to take anti-racist action. Unlock has in it over 100 actions that will help creative work places become more inclusive.

The process is entirely confidential: at the heart of the Unlock toolkit is a commitment to give everyone equal treatment through trust, confidence, dignity and respect.   Thank you for working with us to make diverse and inclusive change. This is a vital part in your creative practice.

Inc Arts Unlock is for: Dance companies, Independent Producers, Museums, Regional theatres, Collections and archives, Visual Arts spaces, Receiving Houses, Festivals and Outdoor arts, Crafts organisations - and more...

Thank you to Blackstage UK for allowing us to use their video.

Our mission

To help the arts and cultural sector make inclusive change in our creative work places.

To provide the sector with transparent, measurable actions to tackle inequality and disadvantage. 

To support a change in heart & mind and encourage behaviours that will lead to a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all.

our vision

Our vision is to create a thriving cultural community that allows everyone to do their best work.

Taking action starts with listening

Unlock is the anti-racism conference for the arts in the summer 2020. Read our impact report 


Black, Asian and ethnically diverse arts sector workers share their experience of racism in the arts sector


hours of testimony: lived experience perspectives about the harm caused by racism.


of the Uk's senior managers listening to the impact of their actions


sector committing to continued learning, and taking anti-racist action.

demonstrators with placards -  Stop George Floyd

take action TODAY TO HELP End racism

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